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Welcome to The Leadership Academy

By investing in this online/on demand instructional program, you are investing in yourself, your team, your company and your future. Congratulations!


It is said that “those who learn more earn more” and this is the perfect educational platform to do both.
As a member of the John Kennedy Leadership Academy, you will fill your professional toolbox with seven successful components to a strong leadership career.


Those seven “modules” are broken into multiple levels of learning that deliver an in-depth, comprehensive learning opportunity with easy-to-understand real-life applications and “LeaderShift” commitments to expand your learning by sharing your insights with others.


Whether you are an existing or emerging leader, John will inspire you to develop the leader within you and become the leader you respected in your life as you inspire and develop others to be the very same!

Course Description

The Leadership Academy is designed for current and aspiring leaders and provides instruction on the personal and organizational strategies and skills that are necessary to be an effective leader within an organization.


Topics to be reviewed include methods for developing personal leadership skills, tactical versus strategic aspects of leadership, ways to maximize the performance of a team, and the importance of decision making and effective daily planning.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize the five levels of listening in professional relationships.
  2. Recognize the importance of integrity in establishing a leadership presence.
  3. Cite the differences between goal-setting and goal-getting.
  4. Distinguish the differences between willingness and ability in performance.
  5. Apply strategies for resolving conflict constructively in the work and home environments.
  6. Model behaviors to exemplify respect-level leadership.
  7. Identify and commit to specific strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of one’s own personal leadership capabilities.

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