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Introduction: 1.00 – Leadership Academy Introduction

“GOOD LEADERS LEAD. GREAT LEADERS BUILD NEW LEADERS!” Take time to watch each video in the Leadership Academy “modules” and utilize the downloadable Leadership Academy Workbook to take notes, make “LeaderShift” commitments, and even keep your own “LeaderShift Journal”.   Those tools are great to not only review your leadership development but also use to …

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3.04 – Mini-Game – Results

In this final video session, we tie it all together with outcomes and results of communication, engagement, cooperation and finally—competition. You will learn the importance of healthy competition and the value of integrity when it comes to executing “The Great Game of Business”. Once completed you will have the momentum and direction you need to …

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3.03 – Mini-Game – Suggestions

In this video session of “The Great Game of Business”, you will learn the invaluable concept called “The Huddle” and a long list of suggestions you could consider as you set up your approach to driving the system of success in your organization. More examples of organizations that have chosen to incorporate this concept into …

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3.02 – Mini-Game – Defined

In this video session, you will learn the definition of what a mini-game is and how it relates to your opportunity to drive accountability and fun into your team environment. There are also a few examples of companies that have executed the strategy with great success. The video also establishes expectations and outcomes for your …

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3.01 – The Great Game of Business

“The Great Game of Business” is a wonderful “system” to drive your culture towards engagement, measurement, teamwork and fun. Enjoy this video session that gives you the 30K foot view of how the program can work for your team, your company and your leadership toolbox. Concepts to remember—“If no one owns it, no one does …

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4.01 – Transformational Sales: Pre-Sales

Pre-Sales: The “Attitude” for success begins before the sales call. Research, Repetition and Reputation will give you the jump you need to always stay ahead of the competition. PDF Workbook Transformational Sales – Pre-Sales Click image to download PDF

4.05 – Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales People

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales People”: John puts the finishing touches on the depth of tools and talent need to be a successful sales person. Hint: Integrity is everything! PDF Workbook Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales People Click image to download PDF

2.06 – Keeping Your Customers

In this instructive video, we will take a deep dive into the necessary strategies to not only KEEP your customers happy, but to KEEP them for a lifetime of loyalty. PDF: Customer Retention Click image to download PDF PDF: Invest Your Time Wisely Click image to download PDF PDF: Excellent Customer Service is a Balancing …

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2.04 – Creating a Culture of Customer Experience

“Driving The Customer Experience” requires all hands on deck! In this video, we explore a real-life example of a service failure by a world-renowned brand. It only takes one person to make a positive experience into a negative experience—Don’t be a “Gwen”! PDF: Customer Experience Click image to download PDF

2.03 – Finding the Yes

Many organizations believe that pricing is the key to winning and keeping your customers. This video will debunk that myth and drive home the real reasons people buy. “I could always buy a cheaper pizza, but then I would have to eat it!” PDF: Four Reasons People Buy Click image to download PDF

2.02 – The Power of Attitude

The most important aspect of “Driving The Customer Experience” is the impactful role each individual plays within the organization to be an invaluable partner in success. And that starts with your “Attitude”. It only takes one person to mess it up for everyone else, and it all starts with you! PDF: Click image to download …

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